YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND About ipl points table

The ever exciting Indian Premier League (IPL) will feature eight teams yet again playing a double round-robin stage to qualify for the Playoffs and have popular at winning the coveted trophy. To do that, a team must first find itself in the very best four of the IPL 2021 points table.

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IPL 2021 Points Table Rules

As mentioned earlier, the primary target of the team is to result in one of the top four spots of the IPL points table. It is a secondary goal to be on the list of top two as those teams get an extra opportunity to maintain the Finals.

Standings are decided on the quantity of points each team has. If more than one team is tied with the same number of points, the ?Net Run Rate? (NRR) is taken into account. The guidelines for gaining points are the following:

A team gets 2 points for a win.
A team gets 1 point in case the overall game is abandoned or ends abruptly as No Result.
A team gets 0 points in case of a loss.

The NRR of a team is extremely crucial as the IPL Standings get too close as the tournament progresses and often a few amount of teams are tied on points. The NRR of a team is calculated as ?the quantity of runs scored by the team to the number of overs faced? to ?the number of runs conceded by the team to the amount of overs bowled? in the same tournament.

IPL Standings Trivias

No team has ever progressed to Playoffs with less than 12 points in the history of IPL.
Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) and Deccan Chargers (now defunct) will be the only 2 teams to have accumulated 4 points within an IPL Season which is the lowest points accumulated by any team.

ipl 2021 points table Kolkata Knight Riders and Deccan Chargers (now defunct) are the only teams which have never finished 1st in the Indian Premier League Points table but have gone on to win the tournament.

Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) is the only team in IPL history to finish 1st in the points table but never win the title. They have done it twice.
Chennai Super Kings may be the only team to possess qualified for the Playoffs atlanta divorce attorneys season (except the two years they were banned).

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